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Sea Change

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Kirby Wright

“Yes. I was a knight who died in battle.”
“Who said you died?”
“Tea leaf readers, a tarot master, and a clairvoyant. Even my spiritual counselor. I visited an Irish castle and something felt familiar when I walked the floors and held the sword and drank the mead.”
“Want breasts?”
“Yes. But make them young.”
Pretend I’m On the Moon by Kirby Wright

Music You May Have Missed

While the album’s count in, “One, two, you know what to do,” sounds like a simple snippet from a band rehearsal, the sheer force and weight of the drums and the bass’s funky pulse signals that The Information is very much a polished, studio-recorded product. The band establishes an infectious groove within three seconds—true also in most of the heavier, rhythmic-centric tracks off the album. Beck’s opening line, “I’m uptight, super-gutted out the frame,” reflects and casts a shadow on the shreds of anxiety that pervade the record.