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Link’s Lit List 10.21.14

  1. “Desire is transformative, and transgressive: whether it’s an unpeeled onion or a noble lover, to want something, especially for women, can never be entirely benign.” A short article on hunger in fairy tales.
  2. “…if there’s a single novel that can claim paternity for the last 20 years of American fiction, it’s probably One Hundred Years of Solitude.
  3. Eloise at 46 (and still at the Plaza).
  4. The entirety of Harry Potter in a single illustration by the inspiring artist Lucy Knisley.
  5. Jenn Northington decodes the mysteries and references of Lumberjanes (our new favorite comic).
  6. Care to win a thousand dollars, free admission to a Gotham Writer’s Workshop, and a chance for Karen Russell to read your work?
  7. We think net neutrality is super important, and so should you.

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