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Our Favorite Literary Podcasts

Other People

Brad Listi, founder of The Nervous Breakdown, interviews a writer every Sunday and Wednesday. Charming, self-effacing, and deadpan, Listi’s interviews (and monologues) are addictive. Writers (and sometimes editors and publishers) discuss their work, but also their history, family, fears, and predilections. Each conversation is a revelation and a gabfest, making you feel an oddly close connection to both Listi and the interviewee. We recommend: #316 with Sarah McCarry, #300 with Aimee Bender, and #227 with Kevin Sampsell.


If you’re looking for a good mix of humor, insight, and book recommendations, Bookrageous is the perfect podcast. Hosts Jenn Northington, Josh Christie, Rebecca Schinsky, Preeti Chhibber, and Paul Montgomery come from a variety of bookish backgrounds—they are booksellers, book marketers, and book bloggers, among other things—but their chief talent is discussing and recommending excellent reads. They spend an hour or so each month discussing what they’re reading and a variety of other topics—from this year’s BEA to which literary characters they’d sit with at lunch. Funny, irreverent, and inspiring, listening to Bookrageous is akin to hanging out with your best, and nerdiest, friends.

Welcome to Night Vale

Night Vale’s town motto is: if you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget. These bimonthly radio broadcasts tell the story of an odd and often frightening town where the unusual is everyday and the everyday is unusual. Though librarians are widely considered to be malevolent, fearsome creatures, the many literary allusions and superb, serial storytelling cement Welcome to Night Vale’s place on our three favorite literary podcasts.

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