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Flower Conroy

Sponge Bathing my Comatose Father, He

because         i     will       touch flesh     for   a       living
eucalyptus       orange blossom     lavender
but   presently           serve                   meat
i am the daughter   who reeks   of slaughter


because         cut grass     spider webbed windowed shed
housing tools    bolts &  wing nuts grease
smudged        box of dusty light          bulbs
keys keys keys     what are all these keys for


because         tendrils  &  tentacles     diamond incubator
salvaged           curbside         furniture


because         your     red hot hotrod                      eyes
your     bloodshot hothouse               eyes


because         vegetal     tongue            bloodmouth
frankenstein garden compost     mind


because         you bit your tongue to pieces & your jaw
would     not             unhinge       drool


because         in     my   hand you                  petrified
rose       limb       frozen          quietus


because         umbels               &                       umbles


because         quiet man   you thinned   tortured acoustics
into silence   & clenching  shadow & slough


because         holding you                                 by the root
wind  a stirring                        you bristled


may              i           forgive                               me
my                                                       duties
these   fingers       for   their           coldness
my wrists   at the end   of           my   palms

Flower Conroy believes you can take the girl outta Jersey, but Jersey follows…Her favorite culinary discovery is watermelon with fresh lemon juice drizzled over its glorious redness. Her favorite color is green. Flower lives on an island. She enjoy both tea AND coffee. She have blue eyes.

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