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Hilary Sideris

Hilary Sideris grew up in Indiana. She lives in Kensington, Brooklyn, where she studies Italian and grows tomatoes on her balcony. She works for The City University of New York, where she develops and coordinates programs for English language learners and first-generation college students.

La Madonna del Parto

Artists exaggerate
her post-Annunciation

bulge, then part from
narrative—a pause

to reckon, wonder what
exactly did that Latin-

speaking angel mean?
Some kind of son,

work to be done. Will
she contract like every

other mother, or be
bereft even of pain?


In a monk’s habit
he’s not hard to spot,
with cloven foot,
reptilian complexion

& sardonic tone: Hungry?
Go ahead & turn

this stone into a loaf.
God’s son? Leap from

the temple roof, let
angels intervene. Or suit

yourself, stick with a stag
on your mountaintop.

Dream of a stream.
Sleep on a rock.

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