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Zach Fishel

Zach Fishel is the founder of Horehound Press, which specializes in limited edition books and broadsides. His poetry has appeared in many places and has twice been nominated for the Pushcart. His first chapbook appears courtesy of NightBallet Press, and a second book about his PA childhood is in the works for later this year. He may be contacted at

Chinese Takeout and Casual Smoking

For John Dorsey

The backs of
fortune cookies
gave nothing
more than how to
say popcorn
sauce, the slew
of lucky numbers
just stray script from
haigō chopsticks.
We read them in
all their looped regret
as they spiraled
into borrowed secrets
like the wheezing
laughter of clouds,
floating from our lungs
like a fleet of Mary
Celestes, without any
hope of return.

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