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Grace Mattern

Grace Mattern has been busy changing the world for thirty-five years through deep involvement in the movement to end violence against women, leading a statewide nonprofit and serving on statewide and national boards. She also spends as much time as possible being delighted by her brilliant grandson.


We stand in the street, winter hard
inside our coats, mother-worry clouds

of vapor we exhale. A man exclaims
and we follow his gaze to a grey moon,

a slim white bulge still catching
reflection. We turn back to talk,

shadow swallows the last lit rim
then begins to slip off, night gulping

its own black back. Our stories get cold,
finish without ending. We go home alone.

Ever Since Crows

Two crows work the yard
scabby with miniature lakes,
melted snow refrozen, iced
shorelines of leaves reduced

to brown brittle. The fat, black
duo patrols the dying maple—
thick branches of trunk fallen
while pale limbs hold buds,

running sap. Crows ask
nothing. The maple and matted
grass and snow crust happen
because one shiny moment

happened and every instance
has been catching up ever since.

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