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Yvette Schnoeker-Schorb

Yvette Schnoeker-Schorb  has appeared in a wide variety of publications. A recent Pushcart Prize nominee, she holds an interdisciplinary MA and is co-founder of Native West Press—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit natural history press (which publishes multi-author anthologies that offer a positive slant on our non-charismatic, other-than-human affiliates). She spends much time trying to comprehend why so many people don’t like spiders—and power-walks to work off frustration around this issue.

Circe of Prescott

The herd of peccaries is increasing.
Neighbors suspiciously watch my yard,
noticing I recently bought livestock pans
to strategically place water here and there
to accommodate the growing groups
of white-collared, bristled beasts.
Not an evil enchantress, just a crone
with a venomous disposition
toward odysseys of the technological kind,
I innocently hold a water bucket
and greet onlookers= bewilderment—
Isn’t it lovely to live
on the edge of the wilderness? But water
is so rare in the high desert this time of year.
Clusters of sniffing snouts and dainty hooves
trot around, brushing against my legs.
I point at the knee-high creatures—
Did you know they can drink enough
in one shot to go without for days?
The response is typical, irritated silence,
then a starting up of lawnmowers,
power saws, leaf blowers, weed eaters,
and other machines that invade the habitat
of my senses. But I take comfort in knowing
that one day my backyard will be home
to all those people who have crossed my space.

[Originally published by The Chaffin Journal in 2004]

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