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Aimee Nicole

Power Couple

The power couple always chooses the restaurant, the movie, the date.
They are the sun and we orbit them like planets. We come close
when called and rescind at the snap of a finger.

They work two jobs and keep healthy bank accounts and are
responsible bladiblahs. They always wear matching socks.

Double dating with a power couple means driving farther, paying more,
and watching Nicholas Sparks movies. You are afraid if you take the
power away, there will be shells of people sloshed with wine, standing in
front of you in line, naked. A pile of hard earned money that will
continue to accumulate interest at .01 specs of dust per month.

So for years, you do a tightrope dance with the power couple. You spend
money on vacations, shoes, and organic fruits. Because an 18-wheeler
could run a red on the way to the movies tonight and then what was the
point of squirreling away those thousands of pennies?
You meet up with the power couple and they hold hands through the movie.
You make sure to sit in the back row and not to have worn
any panties so you and your husband can salvage the shitty two-star
movie that won’t last three weeks in theaters.

Aimee Nicole currently lives in North Kingstown, Rhode Island where she has moved back home to pay off student loans. While not writing and spilling coffee all over her shirt, she works as a Property Report Specialist (recently got your house refinanced? You’re welcome!) One day she aspires to live in Florida with the old folks and trade in her Corolla (named Betty White) for a golf cart.

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