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D.N. Simmers


“Keep an eye on things
whether they existed or not.”

-Billy Collins

There in the mixture
of faces and rain and
sun and cars
all raised up
with umbrella and not.
Awash with
a wet road then
dry and then
wet again.
Wait five minutes
and the weather
But snow
is on the other side
of the mountains
and in the passes,
where semi trailers
lean against the railings.
And some slide
all the way
down the hill.

D.N. Simmers belongs to the Thursday Collective, a writing group, which has done readings at universities and will be doing a Word on the Street Reading this summer. He is a retired guy who loves his garden. He has always loved to write and read constantly. He walks a lot and enjoys the beautiful nature that is around all of us. He plays the guitar, sings, and has been in choirs and singing groups in the long distant past.

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