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Jonathan Riccio

Rent Boy at Street Fair

A woman sells magnets from her trolley-
booth. A smoothie caulks traffic.

My crown of straws, a statue
of liberties you see right through.

How did I lose my fear of crowds?
By focusing on the ankles in front of me.

Dear artist with the power scooter and fingers
eager, I’d let you paint my face but for the cuts.

As for the man in the Ford Explorer hurling
hate crimes like ceramics, the streetvines

told me how you spent the autumn of ’82.

Jon Riccio studied viola performance at Oberlin College and the Cleveland Institute of Music. An MFA candidate at the University of Arizona, he left a world of sassafras and forklifts (i.e. the Midwest) for one of coyotes and cactus magnets. Favorite grocery purchases include hummus and Captain Crunch. Buy him a root beer and he’s your friend for life.

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