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We are currently closed for unsolicited submissions.

Petrichor Review is a monthly magazine publishing prose, poetry, and art. It aims to intrigue and surprise.

Would you like to guarantee publication in Petrichor Review? Unfortunately, you can’t. But if you read the magazine, read the submissions guidelines, and submit with both in mind, you will certainly be given a leg up.

We currently use Submittable for all our submissions needs. You can find guidelines for each submission category there. Read these. Email submissions will be unceremoniously deleted. We publish ten months out of the year (breaking in September and January) on the third Tuesday of every month.

We accept both simultaneous submissions and reprints.

Author Terms & Rights

We claim First Serial and First Electronic copyrights—we reserve the right to publish your work on our website and to feature and/or excerpt the work on our blog and social media outlets for the purposes of exposure. Upon publication, all other rights to the piece revert back to you, you brilliant beautiful thing, you.

After your work appears on Petrichor, feel free to republish it (it’s yours & it should be shared with the masses, shouted from the rooftops, etc.). We only ask that you cite us as the place of initial publication in all future publications.

If your work is accepted it will be edited. Prepare yourself. We love to engage you in rousing conversations of punctuation and sentence structure. That being said, the writer gets final say.

Submitting via Submittable

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